Dr. Thomas Gregson, D.C.

Welcome to Gregson Health Chiropractic!

Dr. Thomas Gregson is a local chiropractor, providing services to people in Fort Kent, Maine and Madawaska, Maine, and the surrounding areas. We strive to create a truly remarkable wellness care experience. We start by creating a comfortable atmosphere where you can share your questions and concerns in a private office with someone who is actually listening! You will never see a front desk with a closed window separating you from the very people from whom you are desperately seeking care and compassion. You can expect to be warmly welcomed by a staff member as you walk into our open lobby. This individual will offer you some coffee or tea or perhaps even a latte or cappuccino to enjoy while you fill out minimal intake paperwork. You can also expect to be personally greeted by the doctor well within 30 minutes of arriving to our office.